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Despite sharing similar communal behavior, punks and jocks have, historically, always shown hostility towards one another. Cheap Jordan . It’s hard to find more fundamentality opposing social groups: liking sports can be considered a mainstream hobby, liking punk rock is an alternative practice. Cheap Replica Air Jordan . Both possess a particular language, jargon and dress, typically on opposite ends of the spectrum. They’re not meant to intersect, until they do.


Now as a sports blogger, I don’t claim to know much about economics. But I do know that adjusted for inflation, the price of Air Jordans in the late 80’s and 90’s were exorbitant. Cheap Replica Air Jordan  . I didn’t know exactly how much until I started to do the calculations to adjust for inflation and realized that historically . Jordan Retro . only two previous editions of the Air Jordans have ever been this cheap: The original Air Jordan I in 1985 and the Air Jordan 2011.

On the other end of the spectrum are the Air Jordan XVIIs that cost a whopping $200 in 2002, making them the most expensive Air Jordans ever once adjusted for inflation.

Hard to believe, right? Who’d have thought that we’d be getting a good deal on anything in 2016!

Below is a chronological list of every edition of Air Jordans, along with the year they were released and the amount they cost at the time. Authentic Replica Jordan . The price adjusted for inflation is what that amount of money translates to in 2016. Jordan Retro . If the amount was not an even dollar amount, I rounded to the nearest dollar.

“It started as a joke in a lot of ways,” Ten Yard Fight guitarist John LaCroix considers his band’s origin story. “ Replica Jordan 13 Shoes . We thought the best bands didn’t take themselves too seriously, at the same time we really loved the bands that took themselves seriously like Youth of Today. In Boston there’s a band called Slapshot, the local heroes of the generation before us. They were straight edge and had all this hockey stuff around them. We riffed off that. Replica Jordan 13 Shoes . There was a video game we used to play on Nintendo called Ten Yard Fight. We later found out all this stuff – Ten Yard Fight was the Harvard team’s old fight song. But really it was more tied to the video game than anything.”

Like Youth of Today and Mouthpiece, LaCroix and Ten Yard Fight didn’t originally fancy themselves sports fanatics, but a love of that particular look remained pervasive. ” Cheap Jordan . We really liked our Nikes. When you go to a hardcore show, it’s really physical. We started to wear all the athletic gear because it was just more comfortable to play. At the same time, we had a blueprint of the style that came before us. Youth of Today dressed like that years before us. Cheap Jordan . [Ray Cappo] was athletic, he wore like the track pants, pulled them up halfway with a pair of Nikes. Our scene was a little cleaner cut than the punk scene.”


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