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Replica Air Jordan 13 Cheap

Ray Allen’s the most prolific 3-point shooter in NBA history, and he’s also one of the players with the best on-court sneakers, too, but the 41-year-old shooting guard, who last played for the Miami Heat in 2014, is calling it quits on his 19-season career.Replica Air Jordan 13 Sale.He’s leaving behind quite the legacy: two NBA championships, 10 times being an All-Star, and being distinguished as having the best Air Jordan PE collection of all time. The majority of Allen’s sneakers were only made for him, but Jordan Brand did produce a few of his special editions for the public, and none drew more animosity than the Air Jordan XIIIs that were released in conjunction with him breaking the league’s 3-point record.Cheap Jordan Authentic.The sneakers were ultra-limited and sold mainly at Boston-area sneaker stores in 2011, one of those shops being a Footaction located at Square One Mall in Saugus, Massachusetts, and it was the craziest release that the store had ever seen.“I’d spent a decade running a sneaker store, had a one-year gig with Nike, but I’d never seen anything like the release of the Air Jordan Ray Allen XIIIs,” says the store’s manager, Arthur Clark.Fake Authentic Jordan 13.“Besides being super-excited to find out that my store was going to be one of the only stores in the world to carry this shoe, I was even more excited to know I wouldn’t have to participate in any craziness to get my pair.”


The excitement soon started to fade when Clark found out how insane it would be to release the sneakers. Nike only allocated the store with 24 pairs, although Clark admits that he told people he had received 18, which was far less than the demand.Replica Air Jordans Cheap.Allen was only a few years removed from winning the 2008 NBA Finals with the Boston Celtics and turned into a local celebrity. Couple that with the hype on any Player Edition pair of Air Jordans, and it was the perfect storm for a disastrous sneaker drop.Authentic Jordans For Sale.“Everything was cool until the list of stores getting them hit the Internet, and then the madness began,” Clark says. “A week’s worth of calls from around the world poured in every day, [and I was] dealing with people that flew into Boston just to get a pair.”It’s not unheard of to hear that people will go to extreme lengths to get a pair of sneakers, but the thirst was beyond real for these $175 Air Jordans, which currently have a resale value of $2,000.Fake Jordan 13 Discount.“Men [offered me] a night with their girlfriend, moms were willing to [sleep with me] so their child could get a pair, a girl who worked at the mall [sent me nudes] to get them for her boyfriend,” Clark says. “A guy put a thousand dollars in my hand and [told] me, ‘I’ll come back Saturday with the $175 for the shoes.’”